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Jessica Scott Kerrin

Considered an authority on children's books, I write about tree forts, challenging quests, exploding rockets, monster lobsters and creepy graveyards. I support new writers by visiting schools and libraries, presenting at literary festivals, and delivering tailored workshops. I also offer mentorships and regularly serve on juries for national writing competitions. In addition to fiction, I freelance for travel magazines about my family's sailing (mis)adventures aboard our boat, Cape Fear.

My Services

Schools and library visits

My visits include props, audience participation, writing exercises, short readings and video clips sure to keep students engaged and glued to their seats.

Literary Festivals and Presentations

I support new writers by delivering tailored presentations at literary conferences, teachers’ in-service days and creative writing events.      

Writing Workshops

I offer writing workshops for both adults and children on a variety of topics including cultivating story ideas, character development, and how to write a series.


I serve as a judge for many national and Atlantic Canadian writing competitions, including the prestigious Governor General's Literary Award.

Mentoring and Editing

Do you seek coaching and feedback on your manuscript for children's fiction? I offer expertise for picture books, chapter books and middle readers.


I accept freelance assignments (fiction and non fiction) for children's, travel and sailing magazines.

Selected Books

Dear Reader

Summertime mysteries

Dear Savanna, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve added my mystery novels to your summer reading list and that you are making good use of the library. Libraries are […]

Child's drawing of a black-capped chickadee

Black-capped chickadee

Dear Lulu, I also like black-capped chickadees very much. They are regulars at my bird feeder and they are big fans of the peanuts I leave out for them, even […]

Child's drawing of fantastic creatures

Pixies and demons

Dear Claire, I will look for all your fantastic creatures this afternoon when I go for a walk with my dog Ivy in the woods. We walk everyday (unless it’s […]

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