Child's drawing of a tree house with red escape slide, basket and rocking chair

Dear Olivia,

I like how you’ve meticulously labelled absolutely everything in your drawing, like a scientist or a museum curator. Also, you’ve really paid attention to details: the straws in the glasses of lemonade, the chocolate chips (or are they raisins?) in the cookies, the flowers in the window boxes and the heart-shaped doorknob. It’s quite wonderful. Authors love details!

I’m intrigued by the basket of wool you’ve included. Do you knit? I knit, and I have just finished a blue sweater. I found that having a craft or two on the go is a nice break from being at my desk, which can feel like all the time!

Happy reading,


P.S. I’m pretty sure they’re chocolate chips. Also, I especially like your label “sky everywhere”. That would be a wonderful title for a novel! Very poetic!