Field Notes from Iceland:

"She hugs herself as if suddenly chilled by the distant snow-capped mountains." p.179
"The tables are made of old painted doors laid flat on wooden legs..." p.109
Never pass by an outdoor Icelandic hot tub. The one in Reykir became a perfect scene setting.
June 17 is Iceland's Independence Day. I wish I was back to enjoy their wonderful public concerts!
"The warm, billowing steam envelops them. They can barely see each other." p.101
"...there’s a fine line between a barren lonely place and somewhere that’s starkly beautiful." p.105.
The Hvalfjörður tunnel, which reaches 165m (541ft) below sea level, made a perfect backdrop for one scene in this novel.
A geothermo heated beach in Iceland. Take that, Arctic Ocean!
"Speared on top of the gateposts are assorted solo wool mittens looking for their lost mates after a long winter." p.81.
The polished wood counter where they sit down is resting on bookshelves jammed with travel guides and atlases arranged by continent, and the ceiling is plastered with maps of the world from which orange lamps hang down to match the chairs." p.90.
"Owen also spots steam vents billowing white clouds from the ground. Geysers!" p.76.
All six original volumes of Advökur (Wakeful Nights) are on display at Stephansson House.
"Then he notices something above the top window dormer. It is a wooden cutout of a crescent moon, painted green like the rest of the decorative trim." p.47.
Better weight than wisdom a traveller cannot carry.
A Viking saying printed on the Customs wall at the Reykjavik Airport
Stephansson House Provincial Historic Site, near Markerville, Alberta - a poet's homestead!
The Order of the Falcon hearkens back to the Vikings and is given by the Icelandic government to those dedicated to preserving Icelandic culture.
Icelandic language has barely changed since settlement times in the 9th century. This means Icelanders can easily read original medieval writing.