Ginny the hamster

This illustration was sent by Brittany (Grade 2) from Naples, Florida. She was inspired by the story “Faster Blaster” in Martin Bridge: Ready for Takeoff! Here, Ginny takes a ride on her spinning wheel.


Child's drawing of book cover

Dear Jack,

I love your cover version of Martin Bridge: Blazing Ahead. Like you and Martin, I also like making slime. I made plenty of it when my son was small. I made a lot of play-dough for him, too.

Did you try the recipe that I included on page 108? It is a great use of green gummy bears, sweetened condensed milk, and cornstarch. If not, definitely give it  try.

Happy reading,


Aliens (from outer space)

child's drawing of spaceships

Dear Tilman,

Thank you for sharing your reading interests, which certainly covers a rather wide range. I also like your drawing of aliens visiting Earth, maybe even a neighbourhood just like mine.

I suspect that the most exiting thing I’ll get to see this summer when I look up is an especially large-looking Mars on July 27th, because this red planet will be as close in orbit to us as it can get.

No Martians, though.

Happy reading,


Rocket launch on astro turf

Dear Georgia,

You’ve really captured the exploding drama of a rocket launch. I love the part when the rocket ship seems to hover just inches from the pad after ignition before rising up, up, up into outer space.

Sometimes writing stories feels like that. You are able to write a sentence or two to launch your story, but then things get a bit stuck. The big challenge is to keep going until the story takes off on its own. That’s when writing is really fun and you come along for the ride to explore new worlds.

Happy reading,




Rocket with the red cone

Dear Brian,

I see that you’ve added a cone to the tip of your rocket so that a parachute can inflate when the cone breaks away. That way, the rocket can return safely to the ground. It’s an important detail to include.  Good stories also include important details like the one you’ve drawn.

Isn’t it too bad that Martin’s rocket never had the chance to use a parachute, but rather exploded instead due to extra big fuel cells? Maybe you can write a story about rockets with a different ending.

Happy reading,


Martin with a rocket

Dear Tyler,

I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying the Martin Bridge series. I love your version of Martin holding a rocket. You’ve done a wonderful job. I was interested to learn that you like reading in your bedroom where it is quiet. I also like to read in my room before I go to sleep every night. I like the quiet, too. Sometimes, I can’t get enough of it!

Happy reading,