Child's drawing of book cover

Dear Jack,

I love your cover version of Martin Bridge: Blazing Ahead. Like you and Martin, I also like making slime. I made plenty of it when my son was small. I made a lot of play-dough for him, too.

Did you try the recipe that I included on page 108? It is a great use of green gummy bears, sweetened condensed milk, and cornstarch. If not, definitely give it  try.

Happy reading,


Aliens (from outer space)

child's drawing of spaceships

Dear Tilman,

Thank you for sharing your reading interests, which certainly covers a rather wide range. I also like your drawing of aliens visiting Earth, maybe even a neighbourhood just like mine.

I suspect that the most exiting thing I’ll get to see this summer when I look up is an especially large-looking Mars on July 27th, because this red planet will be as close in orbit to us as it can get.

No Martians, though.

Happy reading,


Do I like basketball?

Hi Zack,

Thank you for your letter about reading Martin Bridge: Blazing Ahead! It is part of a series, and you can read the Martin Bridge books in any order you want. Do I like basketball? Absolutely! I especially liked to watch my son play.

Happy reading!



Scotch Tape Sculpture

Dear Liam,

I really like your drawing of Clark and his scotch tape sculpture. I hope you get a chance to go on an overnight camping trip with the Webelos Scouts soon! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the other Martin Bridge books. They are not meant to be read in any order, so don’t worry about going backwards!

Happy reading,