Spiders in the cemetery

Child's drawing of a cemetery

Dear Marta,

Thank you so much for telling me about your visit to a cemetery. I liked all the details you provided. I don’t like spiders, either, and they don’t just hang out in cemeteries. I once found one in my bed. I had rolled over in my sleep and squished it to death. Now, THAT’s creepy!

I really like the lit candle you’ve included and the bouquet of flowers. Those are thoughtful touches. People show their respect for others in so many fascinating ways. I’m glad you’ve captured that in your drawing.

Sweet dreams,



Cemetery with blue moon

Dear Allie,

What a magical cemetery! I’ve never seen one quite so colourful. There’s so much going on for what is usually a quite place of contemplation. I love it! I particuarly like the creatures who have made their home here: a gray rat, an orange dog. The pond is a nice touch and the ground is lumpy, just like an old cemetery in my neighbourhood. You’ve drawn a perfect backdrop with plenty of details to write about. Well done!

I’m intrigued by your theory that the cracks in the old stones may have been caused by the animals you’ve drawn. You might be right. We just brought a new puppy home, and she seems bent on destroying everything in our house with her tiny but oh-so-sharp puppy teeth.

Happy reading,


Old Cemetery




Dear Avery,

You must have read The Spotted Dog Last Seen from cover to cover. I can tell because of the details you’ve included in your drawing of the old cemetery in my story. You’ve put the older marble markers in the back with the fancy sculptural details and the newer simpler granite ones at the front.

One of the markers has a symbolic weeping willow. Another has a skull and crossbones. Nice! I liked the double grave marker, blank on one side. Wonderful! The marker with the lamb on top is so sensitively drawn.

Thanks also for sharing some of the books by other authors you’ve liked. I’ll be sure to check them out.

Happy reading,


Row of grave markers

Drawing - Ellie

Dear Ellie,

The grave markers you’ve drawn must be made of granite because you’ve lined them up so precisely, like the ones found in more modern cemeteries. I like the hedgerow of trees and the birds. I can almost hear them chirping. The owl is also a nice touch.

I’m so glad to hear that you might write a mystery about what you found at a cemetery. Surprise endings are awesome!

Happy reading,


Cemetery with hilltop church

Drawing - Madison

Dear Madison,

Were you inspired by the Holy Cross Cemetery on South Park Street in Halifax when you completed this drawing? The little church on the hill reminds me of the one in that cemetery – it was supposed to be build in a single day! I’m so glad that you’ve drawn a blue sky over the grave markers. Cemeteries are so much prettier when it is nice outside.

Happy reading,


Old House in the Woods with Statue

Drawing - Jesse

Dear Jesse,

You’ve included some creepy details in your old-house-in-the-woods drawing. I love the grave markers teetering this way and that across the lawn. The stone statue in the graveyard is particularly terrifying- so scary that wild animals won’t go near it. It is very important to include details like these to write a convincingly frightening story. I hope you enjoy writing yours.

Happy reading,