Beanbag chair

Child's drawing of a classroom with desk, bookshelves and beanbag chair

Dear Getruda,

Your teacher sounds wonderful, creating such a welcoming reading space in your class and stocking it with books and comfortable beanbag chairs. I’m so honoured to have one of my books included in your classroom. Thanks so much for sharing your love of reading with me.

Stay well,

Stuffed bookshelves

Child's drawing of a room with a desk and bookshelves

Dear Kim,

You’ve drawn a wonderful room to write in. I especially love the cozy rug and the well-appointed desk. Your bookshelves look as stuffed as mine do. I have several rows of books that I haven’t even read yet. I vowed that this year I would tackle those shelves, one book at a time.

I think that the more reading one does, the better author one can become.

Happy reading,



Dear Grace,

You write so beautifully about your horse Goldie using all of your senses to describe her. I sense that you could write a wonderfully emotional story about your adventures with her.

Just the other day, I was walking in downtown Halifax, and a police officer on a black horse clippity-clopped by. It was adorable, and the horse was so calm and elegant despite the busy traffic. I stopped and took a long moment just to watch and appreciate the combination of beauty and duty that they demonstrated. Both horses and dogs are a lucky addition to any police force.

Happy reading,


Big white bear

Child's drawing of room with giant white bear

Dear Katie,

Both your letter and your drawing are so pleasantly descriptive of the place you like to read the most. I can easily imagine being there. It is so nice to see the scene out your window, and also the roller chair that you use at your desk.

I think everyone needs a big white bear to lean on as they read. Lovely!

Happy reading,


Green polka-dot room

Dear Klara,

I so enjoyed the description of your room. You have it set up perfectly for someone who loves to read. I can see why you would want to spend so much time there.

I picked your letter today because of what I could see out the window of your bedroom. You’ve drawn a bouncy trampoline and the sun is shining and it looks nice and warm. But still, you’re reading inside that amazing room.

I admire your spunk. Of course, you and I both know you can’t be reading all the time. That trampoline beacons! It’s okay. You can put your book down. It will most certainly be there when you come back. That’s the great thing about books.

Happy reading,


Butterflies and bees

Child's drawing of spring scene with tree and butterflies

Hi Lola,

Thanks so much for your drawing of a Spring scene where you are reading under a tree surrounded by bees and butterflies. Even the book you are reading is about butterflies! Nice detail!

I just got back from a walk with my dog Ivy and it was -8 Celsius with blustering winds that whipped crusty (yet wet) brown and yellow leaves into my face. Alas, it is Fall. Late Fall.  So I found your drawing brimming with hope.

Happy reading,