Halifax Central Library


Dear Ryan,

I also very much like the library as a place to read. I walk by the new award-winning Halifax Central Library every time I go to and from work, and I stop in every chance I get. They have this great system where I can request a book online, and then they track it down and put it on a shelf for me with my name on it, so that I can drop by and sign it out. It’s absolutely magical.

Thank you also about your question about French. I don’t write in French but I would dearly love for some of my books to be translated.

Happy reading,



Birch Tree


Dear Tove,

What a wonderful birch tree you’ve drawn. I also like how you plan to bring a cushion with you as you climb the tree so that you have something comfortable to sit on when you read your book up there.

I am writing a new picture book about a boy who builds a tree house in an old maple tree in his backyard. I wrote it because I have a very old maple tree in my backyard, and way up high I can see an old clothesline wheel that’s stuck in the trunk. That wheel must have been installed decades ago and has been long abandoned. I wonder if there had once been a tree house in my tree. It is too big and much too high to climb now, but I like the thought that children might have read on its boughs once upon a time.

Happy reading,


Favorite Reading Chair


Dear Emily,

It is so nice that you’ve been reading in the same chair as when you were a baby who was being read to. I hope you are able to keep that chair forever. Maybe you can read to your own baby in that chair after you grow up. Be sure to keep some of your favorite books from when you were little!

LOL Happy reading,



Big and Long Couch



Dear Aline,
Thank you for this wonderful drawing of your living room, an incredible blend of many perspectives. You look so comfy sitting in your favorite spot on your big and long couch. I love all the details you’ve included, such as the floor lamp with the pull chain, the TV, your graphically bold rug and the smaller couch.

I am very intrigued about what is sitting on the piece of furniture to your left?

Happy reading,



Reading Closet


Dear KKaelyn - letter

Dear Kaelyn,

How wonderful that you’ve found a quiet and private place to read. I can just see you sitting beneath your wardrobe that is hanging in your closet. I like reading in bed just before I go to sleep. I have a fear of small dark places like closets, so that wouldn’t work for me.

Happy reading,