Adventurous and shocking

Dear Sheppard,

I’m thrilled to read that you find my stories both adventurous and shocking. And funny. That, too.

I’ve selected your letter today because we had a blizzard yesterday and are only now digging out from under all that snow. I wanted to be reminded of blue skies and green grass and that’s what your drawing did. Just like a good story, your drawing helped me escape, even for only a little bit.

Now, I must get back to shoveling.

Happy reading,



Child's drawing of Pokemon

Dear Tim,

I just learned that Pokemon has been around for 22 years. Twenty-two years! I must confess that I’ve never played it, but, like Pokemon, I do enjoy role-playing that is also required of writers who must create characters with each new story.

I’m glad that you want to write books that are fun for other kids to read.  I want to write them, too!

Happy reading,


An ode to green

Dear Cole,

I like green and I have green eyes, but I think red is my favorite colour (not for eyes, though).

I am fascinated that you drew yourself with a green shirt and hair, but not the tree or the grass behind you! You’ve left that to our imagination. Writers do that, too. They provide a few details, but leave plenty to the readers’ imagination. That way, readers can add their own details, and it makes the story more memorable.

By the way, I said, “Aww!” outloud when I zoomed in on your drawing and discovered that you drew three little chicks reaching out their beaks for their next meal. Perhaps it will be a green catepillars for lunch?

Happy reading,