Beluga whale

Child's drawing of a lobster

Dear Jonathan,

So many questions! I’m going to pick one: what is my favourite sea creature. Once upon a time, I was out on our boat in a place called Guysborough Harbour, and there we came across an orphaned beluga whale. She came right up alongside us and we reached over and gave her a little head-scratchy. Then she rolled over so that we could scratch her stomach! She was gorgeous and she made a strong fishy smell when she blew from her blow-hole.

Later, her pod came back for her, and I like to think that she’s out there somewhere in the deep blue sea.

Happy reading,



Favorite Reading Chair


Dear Emily,

It is so nice that you’ve been reading in the same chair as when you were a baby who was being read to. I hope you are able to keep that chair forever. Maybe you can read to your own baby in that chair after you grow up. Be sure to keep some of your favorite books from when you were little!

LOL Happy reading,



Rowboat with Dolphin

Sydnie 1

Sydnie 2Dear Sydnie,

Thank you so much for your book recommendations. I love to read books by other writers and often admire how they can take the same topic that I might write about, only they write in their own voice and have fresh ideas that I wouldn’t have thought off. That’s what makes reading so much fun!

I like your dolphin very much. Sometimes I see them frolicking in the water off the eastern coast where I live when I’m in my boat. They always look so cheerful, just like you’ve drawn.

Happy reading,


Red Lobster with Googly Eyes


Dear Ethan,

Thank you for your letter. Thirteen of my books have been published, and I currently have three new books in the works. One is about a tree fort. Another is about selling lemonade. The third one is a travel adventure.

I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed my presentation. I like to visit schools, like yours.

I like your drawing of a lobster very much. It has an edgy angry quality – almost as if the lobster is getting ready to attack.

Happy reading,



Lobster Truck

Child’s drawing: lobster truck for Jessica Scott Kerrin’s Dear Reader Blog


Dear Keagan,

What an unusual perspective you’ve chosen: a view of a lobster truck from above. It is always fun to try to spot interesting details from a new perspective. When I try this, it often leads to discovering new story ideas.

It interested me to learn you like trampolines. Maybe that’s why you drew the truck from above. I once tried a trampoline, but it made me dizzy.

Happy reading,



Reading Closet


Dear KKaelyn - letter

Dear Kaelyn,

How wonderful that you’ve found a quiet and private place to read. I can just see you sitting beneath your wardrobe that is hanging in your closet. I like reading in bed just before I go to sleep. I have a fear of small dark places like closets, so that wouldn’t work for me.

Happy reading,