Rescuing marine life

Andrew 1

Andrew 2

Dear Andrew,

Thank you very much for the charming drawing of a lobster. Thank you too for sharing your story idea. There are many scientists and others who work hard to rescue animals in distress, nurse them until they get better, then return the animals to the ocean. This includes a wide range – everything from sea birds to turtles to whales.

I wonder if you might like to do this heroic type of work when you grow up?

Happy reading,


Old Cemetery




Dear Avery,

You must have read The Spotted Dog Last Seen from cover to cover. I can tell because of the details you’ve included in your drawing of the old cemetery in my story. You’ve put the older marble markers in the back with the fancy sculptural details and the newer simpler granite ones at the front.

One of the markers has a symbolic weeping willow. Another has a skull and crossbones. Nice! I liked the double grave marker, blank on one side. Wonderful! The marker with the lamb on top is so sensitively drawn.

Thanks also for sharing some of the books by other authors you’ve liked. I’ll be sure to check them out.

Happy reading,


Startled Lobster


Dear Josie,

Your lobster is quite the character. It appears startled, as if it has just come across a trap and wants to get away as quickly as possible. Such emotion!

Thank you for your letter. At first I thought you wrote that my presentation was long, but then I reread your words, and I think you wrote that my presentation was lovely, which is very kind.

Happy reading,





Dear Taylor,

What a lovely job you’ve done illustrating such an emotionally challenging scene in Chapter 8 of The Spotted Dog Last Scene. It is almost as if you were there! You write that you are not as good a reader as others in your class; however, I think you must be one of the most imaginative. Your idea of having fairy tale characters worry about their story ending, and therefore jump into other stories is absolutely brilliant.

Book jumping. Wow!

Happy reading,


Blue Lobster

Drawing - Ian

Dear Ian,

Thanks so much for your letter filled with questions. Here are my answers. My favorite sea creature is actually a leatherback turtle, although I quite like your blue lobster. My favorite book is probably the first one I ever wrote, which is Martin Bridge: Ready for Takeoff!, although I’m also really enjoying writing the story that I am working on now. Martin plays soccer from time to time – but his favorite thing to do is build rockets.

Happy reading,



Letter - Ellie

Dear Ellie,

Your lobster looks like it is actually swaying in the waves of the ocean. Very nice. Yes, I find that I need to complete many drafts of a story before it is ready to be published.

Lots and lots of drafts.

Happy reading,