Child's drawing of a photograph of time spent with dad

Dear Noa,

Thank you so much for sharing a happy memory of the time you and your dad spent working on a project together. I love how you’ve captured that happy time with your drawing of a photograph of that moment. I hope you still have the butterfly you made. Sometimes, it is difficult to sort through and decide which moments will matter over the long run, and which ones turn out to be not important, even forgettable.

I say, hang on to happy memories because they will serve you the best especially during periods of uncertainty.

Stay well, and happy reading,



Child's drawing of a truck with fancy hubcaps

Dear Frank,

How old am I?? Well, I can tell you this for sure. I’m old enough to cut my own meat. I own scissors that don’t have the pointy ends rounded off. And I can tie my own shoes – the ones with laces, not the cheater velcro ones.

Happy reading,


From Grandma

Child's drawing of a book cover

Dear Jadyn,

I like your idea of keeping something precious that your grandmother gave you and saving it for your own children. You can keep her stories like that, too, although stories sometimes change over time, from one story-teller to another. That’s what makes them living, breathing things.

Next time you see me, I’d be happy to give you my autograph.

Happy reading,


Pocket knife with blue handle

Dear CJ,

That’s a cool little pocket knife. A while back, we gave my son his granddad’s pocket knife. It had a leather handle but the blade was rusty, just like yours. Our son polished it up and it looks as good as new.

Do you whittle things with your pocket knife or do you keep it on hand in case you get tangled up in rope or something? We keep a sharp knife on hand when we are on our boat, just for safety, in case we have to quickly cut a line.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

Keep safe and happy reading,


Truck with orange flames

Child's drawing of truck with painted flames

Dear Willy,

How nice that your brother gave you this beautiful truck. I especially like the orange flames painted on the sides and the detailed hubcaps. Very racy! One of my characters, Martin Bridge, is a big fan of flames and he once suggested that his friend Alex paint them on a model rocket that he made.  Alex did a great job and it looked beautiful. Unfortunately, the launch of that rocket did not go as planned.

If you do bury your time capsule next to your house, be sure to mark where it is. It is so easy to forget secret burial spots, and I wouldn’t want to you misplace your truck!

Happy reading,


How I feel when I am cold

Dear Jackson,

Thank you for writing to me. I do hope you are able to save enough money for the game you want to buy, and I’m so glad you are enjoying Martin Bridge.

I love this wrestler you’ve drawn. Very scary. He looks just like me when I get cold from being outside too long and I’m not wearing enough warm clothing. I mention this because I was working on my son’s boat tonight, painting on its new name. Even though it is May, the evening turned out to be very cold, bitterly cold, unbearably cold and the paint got all goopy. I wanted to scream in frustration.

I guess I’ll have to wait for warmer weather to finish the job.

Happy reading,