Old Coin

Drawing - Ben

Dear Ben,

Who gave you your 1925 coin? I thought it might be a Canadian dime, because you have drawn a sailboat on it, but then I checked and learned that the Bluenose – Canada’s sailing ambassador – wasn’t added to the dime until 1937. So, the mystery continues!

It is wonderful that you would consider putting your old coin in a time capsule or donating your treasure to a museum for safe keeping. Museums are great places to care for important objects and share them with the public for everyone to enjoy.

Happy reading,



Child's drawing of a photograph of time spent with dad

Dear Noa,

Thank you so much for sharing a happy memory of the time you and your dad spent working on a project together. I love how you’ve captured that moment with your drawing of a photograph of that moment. Sometimes, it is difficult to sort through and decide which moments will matter over time, and which ones turn out to be not important, even forgettable.

I say, hang on to happy memories because they will serve you the best in times of uncertainty.

Stay well, and happy reading,