Martin with rocket

This illustration was sent by Parker (Grade 2), Naples, Florida, and was inspired by the story “Smithereens” in Martin Bridge: Ready for Takeoff! Here, Martin is going to launch his rocket at Tupper Grove Park.

Tree fort with water balloons

This illustration was sent by Caroline (Grade 2) from Naples, Florida. Martin and Laila are dropping water balloons from Martin’s tree fort, which was inspired by “Yesterday’s Party”, a story in Martin Bridge: On the Lookout!

Ginny the hamster

This illustration was sent by Brittany (Grade 2) from Naples, Florida. She was inspired by the story “Faster Blaster” in Martin Bridge: Ready for Takeoff! Here, Ginny takes a ride on her spinning wheel.

Blue jay

Child's drawing of a treehouse and a blue jay

Dear Austin,

I really enjoyed your drawing of a Blue jay. They are part of the corvid family of birds (along with crows, ravens, magpies and nutcrackers), and I read that members of this family are thought to be some of the most intelligent and curious species of animals in the world. They are very popular at the park where I walk with my dog. I hear them all the time making a big racket when we pass by. To me, they make a sound like the squeaky wheel of a clothesline.

It looks like you’re having fun in your tree house watching the Blue jay. You have a little table set up with drinks and a skylight up above. How cozy! Is that a birdwatching book you’re holding? I bet it is.

Happy reading,


Helicopter on Mars

Child's self-portrait as an astronaut on Mars

Dear Vikesh,

I so enjoyed your self-portrait of you as an astronaut on Mars. The classic moon-with-craters and the fiery sun in the sky are nice details, especially with the very creative size-scale you’ve chosen.

Have you been keeping up with the latest developments on Mars? I was thrilled to watch the recent helicopter flight. It must be very lonely on Mars, especially after such a long flight to get there, so I’m glad Perseverance now has a little buddy to help explore the red terrain.

Happy reading,