Ode to an Orange



Select and arrange some of these lines, which were written by participants in the 2016 MASC Young Authors and Illustrators conference, to create a pleasing poem. Send in your entry for a chance to win an autographed book. The winner will be announced June 30th.

Tuesday workshop:

  • You are like thunder when you roll.
  • You silly silly orange. You speak to me.
  • You almost smell like a strawberry pineapple smoothie.
  • Oh orangeth. Tasty small astroideth.
  • You remind me of space, asteroids and meteors.
  • You feel like the top of a snake.
  • You are as round as a ball and you give me as much vitamin D as the sun.
  • Your smell is refreshing, like a fruit or a plant.
  • You are bumpy and soft, hard and light and heavy.
  • You smell sweet, very tangy and a little sour, too, with a hint of something tasty. I wonder, can I eat you?

Wednesday workshop:

  • Your are quite tasty.
  • Oh, new found orange, a cousin of the apple.
  • You remind me of a squishy ball. What is this thing, Commander? Oh, orange, oh lovely lovely orange.
  • I would not eat a basketball but that does not mean that I will not eat you.
  • You are the colour of a sun setting and you smell as sweet as a lime.
  • You smell oh that wonderful scent of fresh grapefruit.
  • Your zesty taste is nothing to waste.
  • You don’t move. You’re rough and bumpy like the Earth yet still soft and smooth.

Thursday workshop:

  • Oh lovely orange, you are found on the tip of North America and grown on the bottom of South America.
  • And with your juice you can not go wrong. Pulp or not, it matters not at all.
  • You are very delicious, I assure you, my dear, but I can’t help but eat you whenever I am near.
  • Oh lovely orange, what a lovely and delicious smell.
  • You smell like sweet fructose and very unlike bacon.
  • You might not sound like anything, but you smell like a sweet lemon.
  • Your fragrance’s sweet, your ovoid egg-like shape. I hold you in my cupped hands, Thud! You escaped!
  • I don’t think I would ever eat a more delicious summer treat.
  • Quite unique indeed, your vibrant colour, your shiny shell. Oh juicy orange and your sweet tangy smell.
  • It seems as though you have a juicy substance hidden inside.
  • Oh tiny orange ball, how round and how bright you are!