Pandemic tree fort

Child's drawing for a tree fort

Dear Scarlett,

I know you drew this for me a few months ago, but I now find that your work beautifully captures what it was like living at home and quarantining during a pandemic.

For example, you have quite a few people crowded into a small home, but everyone, including the gigantic bunny, has found their own private space within it. Second, you’ve drawn arrows to show where to walk or move to maintain social distancing. Lastly, someone is dropping off a basket of food, maybe even baked goods, for the folks inside. Very kind.

That is what I plan to remember the most about the pandemic: the kindness of others. I’ll be forever grateful to organizations and people who have kept me safely occupied and in good health: healthcare professionals, librarians, writing organizations, public parks, government workers, my gym, and letters from my readers. I’ll be sure to include their acts of selflessness in future stories.

Happy reading,