Pinterest board for staff – Jennifer

There are so many things to admire about you, Jennifer, and this seems to me to be a legitimate reason to include you as a full team member for this Pinterest board, with all its rights and privileges.

Your patience is astounding.

Your dedication and work ethic for the web strategy project is relentless.

Your dog stories and training tips are hilarious.

Your absolute lack of need for a comfortable space to work: unbelievable. Like me, it appears that you prefer to eat at your desk, your desk being that sad little round table with the hard plastic chair, not even a cubicle. What a trooper!

You’ve told me so many wonderful stories about your childhood and other work experiences that made me laugh and put things into perspective. You’ve become my all-time favorite Vendor from the Standing Offer.

Upon my retirement, I bequeath to you, Jennifer, my portable lunch kit. If you look closely, the mat is made from chopsticks and can be rolled up and stored in your knapsack for wherever you travel. I got this at some hippy-dippy recycling store years ago. It’s my attempt to spruce up your little round table. When the mat comes out, I hope everyone leaves you in peace at least for a few blissful moments while you eat.