Ferguson is trying to help his grandfather figure out his legacy. His grandfather doesn’t want to have any regrets, like his old friend McDermit, who famously caught a giant lobster but regretted not returning it to sea.

So when another giant lobster is caught in their fishing community and put up for auction, Ferguson cooks up a plan with his grandfather to bid on the lobster and set it free. Will this be his grandfather’s legacy or will the town’s richest man ruin everything?

Spit Feathers is the third book in The Lobster Chronicles, a trilogy about how life changes for three boys in a small coastal town when a giant lobster is caught. Each book describes the same events through a different boy’s eyes, making for three suspenseful, believable stories and an engrossing reading experience.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Canadian Children’s Booknews: “Each book (in The Lobster Chronicles) may satisfactorily be read as a standalone but, by reading all three, layers of nuance and subtlety are revealed through the understanding of identical situations and dialogue as seen from different perspectives. Kerrin’s strength is in her richly crafted characters whose personalities gently unfold, with the reader party to their inner thoughts and feelings. There is also a gentle, satisfying plot, a rich atmosphere of maritime fishing life and realistic dialogue complete with whimsical signature phrases.”
  • Kirkus Review: “Norris’ obnoxious, bullying behavior makes Ferguson just want to “spit feathers” in this conclusion to the Lobster Chronicles trilogy. Geared for emerging chapter book readers, like the preceding two works (Lower the Trap, 2012; A Narrow Escape, 2013), the same tale is presented again from yet another point of view. This concluding volume in an interesting concept series is strengthened by colorful characters.”