Stuck at home

Child's drawing of scultping at a desk, bird's eye view.

Dear Sadie,

I chose your letter because so many children had been stuck at home during the pandemic. Mostly this was fun, but I know that sometimes they just wanted to have their own quiet space or simply go outside and play with friends. And some families live in separate homes, so there were children who hadn’t seen one of their parents or a grandparent for a very long time, like you.

I really like how you show your dad that you love him, by taking clay and making a sculpture that looks like him. For the rest of us, maybe we could draw someone in our family doing their favourite thing, or write a story about them, and then share what we made with them. I bet that the family member you picked will keep the drawing or the story forever, long past this pandemic that I hope is nearly over. I will be so happy to get back into classrooms as a visiting author, to chat with students in person.

Stay well,