Tidal Pool

Drawing - Alison

Dear Alison,

I like the tidal pool that you’ve included in your beach scene. I was on a hike this weekend along the coast, and came across a tidal pool just like this. I’d like to answer your question about how many places I have gone to that gave me inspiration. Good question! Although I have traveled all over the world, my books have mostly been inspired by my own city of Halifax, or nearby coastal communities, or, more recently, a neighborhood historic cemetery. So, I am mostly inspired by home.

Happy reading,



Drawing - Grant

Dear Grant,

I love how you used a ruler to add the shipping containers to your supertanker as it cruises past giant lobsters below. That is a very creative technique, indeed. I remember you from one of my book tours. You told me you liked to camp and that you were going to draw a tent trailer on the beach for me. Sometimes, we start with an idea, and then go in a different direction. How you moved from a tent trailer to a supertanker is quite remarkable. Well done!

Happy reading!