Book Draw Winner: Lakeview Elementary



Dear Aiden,

Congratulations! Your school, Lakeview Elementary, is this year’s winner of my Canada Day book draw, and your teacher will receive a set of my books for the classroom.

Over the next few posts, I’ll feature some of the letters your class sent, starting with yours. I think you’ve done a marvelous job capturing one of the plot turns in The Spotted Dog Last Seen. I love how you’ve used a bold line and completely filled the page. This is a very handsome drawing, indeed.

To answer your question, “What is my favorite holiday?”, I would have to say that Canada Day is one of my top five. I usually get to spend it on a boat along with friends, a BBQ and fireworks over Halifax Harbour. It’s a relaxing holiday and the day reminds me of how lucky my family is to live in such a great country.

Happy Canada Day!