New cover for The Spotted Dog Last Seen


Dear Blake,

Thank you for your lovely interpretation of the cover for The Spotted Dog Last Seen.  Your version is quite striking, especially the gate which seems to be very protective of the grave markers inside. Nice!

Thank you also for all your questions. My favorite is, “What is it like in Halifax? Is it cold or sunny?” Actually, it can be both on the same day. Sometimes it is foggy. And we had a truly hateful winter this past year with way too much snow. Still, it is very nice to live in Halifax, especially now, with all the boats in the harbour.

Happy reading,


Growth Spurts



Dear Braden,

You’ve created a lovely moody scene of Twillingate Cemetery, complete with storm clouds. I suspect that the driver in the car might be Mr. Easton, Derek’s beloved grade six teacher. I especially like how you’ve added a small stone lamb carving on the top of one of the grave markers. This is such an important detail to my story, so I’m very glad you’ve thought to include it.

I was interested to learn that you’ve had many growth spurts. I’m sure you’ll have a few more. I didn’t have many when I was small. That’s the way it goes.

If you like dogs, you might enjoy reading the prequel to The Spotted Dog Last Seen. It is called The Missing Dog is Spotted. Let me know what you think!

Happy reading,

Cemetery with hilltop church

Drawing - Madison

Dear Madison,

Were you inspired by the Holy Cross Cemetery on South Park Street in Halifax when you completed this drawing? The little church on the hill reminds me of the one in that cemetery – it was supposed to be build in a single day! I’m so glad that you’ve drawn a blue sky over the grave markers. Cemeteries are so much prettier when it is nice outside.

Happy reading,


Cemeteries and Archives

Cemetery - Jamie

Dear Jamie,

Your drawing of a cemetery with various types of grave markers is awesome. Your suggestion of going to the Nova Scotia Archives for more details about the people buried in old cemeteries is a wonderful idea. I like visiting archives – just as much as going to libraries or museums for information. Perhaps you will be a historian when you grow up!

Happy reading,