School Lockers

Drawing - Bridget

Dear Bridget,

You’ve drawn a terrific alternative cover for The Spotted Dog Last Seen. I’m intrigued by the contents of the locker that Pascal breaks into, while Derek and Merrilee keep a lookout.

What I really like is that you’ve included a book called The Spotted Dog Last Seen on the top shelf of the locker, just like they discovered in the novel. The shiny linoleum floor in the school hallway is also a nice detail. I can almost smell the wax!

Happy reading,


Grave markers through the ages

Letter - Koral

Dear Koral,

I think your drawing of a cemetery is incredible. You’ve shown grave markers from pioneer times (the wooden crosses) to elaborate marbles (last century) to contemporary granite blocks in the front row. I especially enjoyed the symbols you’ve included in the margins: an hourglass, lamb, butterfly, and the skull and crossbones, all details in my novel, The Spotted Dog Last Seen. Lastly, your use of smudging is very creative. Well done!

And thanks for wishing me a good life. I’ll certainly try to do that.

Happy reading,


Graveyard with Double Marker


Dear Lily,

OoOOooOOOooooo! Your drawing of a graveyard is so creepy! The impenetrable iron fence looks fierce. The types of grave markers (marble, slate, granite) adds to the age of the graveyard. The faceless moon is awesome. Lastly, you’ve include one of my favorite details in The Spotted Dog Last Seen, which is a double grave marker that is blank on one side.

Poor John!

Happy reading,


Sunrise at the Cemetery

Drawing - Katie

Letter - Katie

Dear Katie,

Your drawing of a cemetery at sunrise is lovely. You’ve captured the beautiful colours of the sky and I also like the springtime details like the flowers in bloom and the soft green of the grass.

I’m so glad to learn that you enjoy reading mystery books and that you liked the dream sequences in The Spotted Dog Last Seen. Your bookshelf full of books with bookmarks where you last left off reminds me of my own bookshelves, only I have rows of books to read, but I still buy new books, having not yet read those waiting on my shelves to be read! Too many great books; too little time.

Happy reading!


Another Spotted Dog Diorama


Dear Senator Buchanan Elementary,

Here’s another of your art projects inspired by The Spotted Dog Last Seen. I’m so impressed with your attention to detail, truly capturing the drama and tragedy of this scene as remembered by Derek. This was my first mystery novel, which was, at times, very sad to write. My second mystery novel, The Missing Dog is Spotted, has just been published. Perhaps you might enjoy it, too, especially if you like dogs.

Happy summer reading,


Ghost under Golden Sun

Drawing - Jake

Hi Jake,

I so agree with your insightful comment – that you write things down to get them out of your head, but also that you write things down so you won’t forget them. Both strategies work for me, too! I just love your ghost drawing – I can barely see him in his red tie. Since moving to Nova Scotia, I’ve had plenty of ghost experiences, even though I don’t actually believe in ghosts.

Happy reading,