Rowboat with Dolphin

Sydnie 1

Sydnie 2Dear Sydnie,

Thank you so much for your book recommendations. I love to read books by other writers and often admire how they can take the same topic that I might write about, only they write in their own voice and have fresh ideas that I wouldn’t have thought off. That’s what makes reading so much fun!

I like your dolphin very much. Sometimes I see them frolicking in the water off the eastern coast where I live when I’m in my boat. They always look so cheerful, just like you’ve drawn.

Happy reading,


Lobster Truck

Child’s drawing: lobster truck for Jessica Scott Kerrin’s Dear Reader Blog


Dear Keagan,

What an unusual perspective you’ve chosen: a view of a lobster truck from above. It is always fun to try to spot interesting details from a new perspective. When I try this, it often leads to discovering new story ideas.

It interested me to learn you like trampolines. Maybe that’s why you drew the truck from above. I once tried a trampoline, but it made me dizzy.

Happy reading,



Steel Boat with Rivets

Drawing - Max

Dear Max,

Your drawing has so much detail, that I’m convinced you’ve gone lobster fishing before! The rivets on the steel hull are beautiful. You also captured wonderful movement as the fisherman casts an empty lobster pot into the sea. I can almost hear the winch.

I’m so glad that you enjoyed the first book in The Lobster Chronicles and that you plan to read the second one.

Happy reading,


Tidal Pool

Drawing - Alison

Dear Alison,

I like the tidal pool that you’ve included in your beach scene. I was on a hike this weekend along the coast, and came across a tidal pool just like this. I’d like to answer your question about how many places I have gone to that gave me inspiration. Good question! Although I have traveled all over the world, my books have mostly been inspired by my own city of Halifax, or nearby coastal communities, or, more recently, a neighborhood historic cemetery. So, I am mostly inspired by home.

Happy reading,


Five-star dinner

Dear Sam,

I am not sure what recipe you’d choose to cook the lobster for a five-star meal, but I can see that you’ve added some fancy side dishes. I have heard that the simplest (and perhaps the best) way to eat lobster is to cook it, then lay old newspaper on the table, then eat the lobster on top of the newspaper (no need for plates), and be sure to use lots of melted butter for dipping. Then, when the meal is over, you wrap up the left-over shells in the newspaper and put it in the compost.

Happy reading!



Hurricane Lobster

Drawing - Gabe

Hi Gabe,

I was fascinated to learn that you were born of the day of the hurricane in Halifax on September 29, 2003. I’m looking at your wonderful drawing, which is full of swirling movement and energy, and I can see that your giant lobster is being tossed about in the tidal surge that happened during that storm. Well done!

Happy reading!