Aquarium with Seahorse

Drawing - Cally

Dear Cally,

What a pretty aquarium! I especially like the seahorse, the rich colours, and how the tank is drawn in three-dimensions. Do you have an aquarium at home that you used as a model for this drawing?

Happy reading,


Blue Seahorse

Drawing - Evan

Hi Evan,

I had a lot of fun identifying all the sea life you’ve included in your drawing. I spy with my little eyes: a goldfish, pink coral, a clam, an oyster (complete with a pearl), seaweed, a jellyfish, a giant lobster, a worm (on a hook), a teeny-tiny killer whale, and, my favorite, a blue seahorse. He’s beautifully camouflaged and not easy to spot. Well done!

One more thing: I was delighted to learn that you like writing about Greek mythology. I don’t think I even knew about Greek mythology when I was 8 years old. I hope you get to Greece some day.

Happy reading!



Seahorse and Ladder


Dear Tia,

The giant lobster you’ve put into your aquarium is HUGE! Look at those claws! Wow! I also ┬áreally like the seahorse you’ve drawn to keep the lobster company, as well as the seaweed swaying in the water, just like in real life. The light bulb along with the ladder to feed the sea creatures are nice touches. You must be very fond of animals. I’m glad you like my books.

Happy reading,