Big white bear

Child's drawing of room with giant white bear

Dear Katie,

Both your letter and your drawing are so pleasantly descriptive of the place you like to read the most. I can easily imagine being there. It is so nice to see the scene out your window, and also the roller chair that you use at your desk.

I think everyone needs a big white bear to lean on as they read. Lovely!

Happy reading,


Clear skies today

Child's drawing of cover of Jessica Scott Kerrin's novel called Clear Skies

Dear Melissa,

You’ve done a wonderful job drawing the cover of my latest novel, Clear Skies, about a boy in the 1960s who wants to become an astronomer.

I have good news for you. I did retire from my day job, but it was only so that I could write full time and publish more novels. I have another friend who is retiring today from a career she poured her heart and soul into for over thirty (!) years. Now she’s about to enter a new chapter of her life. Fingers crossed, I think she’s finally going to have the time to write, too, which is great because she’s a good writer.

“Clear skies” is what telescope operators say to each other for good luck. They don’t want clouds or fog blocking their view of the starry universe. So, I’m wishing both you and her clear skies.

Happy reading,


PS I hope her colleagues throw her an enormous party after this pandemic is over.

PPS I hope she doesn’t base her characters on the folks she worked with, because we all know that any resemblance of characters to persons living or dead is NEVER purely coincidental.