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Martin Bridge returns for more slice-of-life adventures in this installment in the widely acclaimed chapter-book series.

In “Keyboard,” Martin’s summer is off to an inharmonious start when his best friends Alex and Stuart are grounded for accidentally damaging Polar Pete’s ice-cream truck. Meanwhile, Martin’s Mother won’t stop practicing on her new electronic keyboard — and she’s driving him around the bend. He’s so grumpy that he doesn’t feel like helping his friends when they come up with a water-sprinkler-symphony scheme to help pay for their accident. Will Martin change his tune and add some much-needed harmony to his summer?

Junior Badgers are all about rocket launchings, surviving in the woods and building weapons.In “Rope,” Laila Moffat joins the Junior Badgers, much to Martin’s chagrin. A keener and know-it-all, Laila just wants to win more badges. Martin doesn’t plan to make it easy for her.

Though Laila ends up proving herself Badger-worthy, Martin sure doesn’t treat her like a friend should. As the competition for more badges begins to heat up, Martin finds himself with conflicting loyalties.

Join Martin Bridge in two new adventures as he endures his mom’s keyboard practices, learns about animal scat (poop!), eats bugs, handles snakes and builds a catapult!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Canadian Children’s Book Centre: “The real strength of these engaging stories is the absolute believability of Martin. In simple language, suitable for early readers, Kerrin gives us an honest portrait of an eight-year-old boy – whether he is grumpy or thoughtful, quietly creating his own sketches in his tree fort or playing Zip Rideout’s Space Race Game.”
  • Winnipeg Free Press: “Kerrin knows how eight-year-old boys think, speak and act.”

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