Dear Macy,

Your ATV looks like a hoot. I’ve seen many coming out of the woods around here caked in mud, just like you’ve described. I grew up with cousins who had snowmobiles. I got to drive one from time to time, but mostly I was a passenger who just had to hang on. It was thrilling.

I see that you and your sister are wearing helmets. Well done!

Stay safe,



Child's drawing of Pokemon

Dear Tim,

I just learned that Pokemon has been around for 22 years. Twenty-two years! I must confess that I’ve never played it, but, like Pokemon, I do enjoy role-playing that is also required of writers who must create characters with each new story.

I’m glad that you want to write books that are fun for other kids to read.  I want to write them, too!

Happy reading,


Sky Diving

Dear Christian,

There are lots of new things I would like to try, but skydiving is not one of them. However, I would certainly love to read about someone else trying it, especially for the first time, so I think you have a great idea to write about.

You’ve drawn a figure who looks like how I would look on a plane if I was supposed to jump. I would be grabbing on to anything I could and plastering myself against a wall so as not to fall out. What a chicken I would be!

Happy reading,



How to find a good book

Dear Chelsea,

I love to read in the car, too – or anywhere that is quiet, like a park or my back deck or in bed at night. I am pleased to report that I’ve read all the books you mention in your letter. I don’t read my own books after they are published, but I do like to read from them when I visit schools.

Like you, if I find a book that I really like, I look for more books by that author, and I am rarely disappointed.

Happy reading,



Child's drawing of snowboarding

Dear Jesse,

I picked your letter because today it feels like winter is coming for sure. I think somewhere in the province, it is actually snowing.

I liked how you coloured your snow hill blue. So cold! Your snowboarder doing the loop-de-loop reminds me that winter can actually be fun. It’s a happy thought that I will remind myself over and over again as the last of the leaves fall from the tree in my backyard.

And anyhow, on really cold days, I can always stay inside with a good book. I’m sure I can find one on snowboarding!

Happy reading,


Spiders in the cemetery

Child's drawing of a cemetery

Dear Marta,

Thank you so much for telling me about your visit to a cemetery. I liked all the details you provided. I don’t like spiders, either, and they don’t just hang out in cemeteries. I once found one in my bed. I had rolled over in my sleep and squished it to death. Now, THAT’s creepy!

I really like the lit candle you’ve included and the bouquet of flowers. Those are thoughtful touches. People show their respect for others in so many fascinating ways. I’m glad you’ve captured that in your drawing.

Sweet dreams,




Child's drawing of Lego Land

Dear Bradley,

I’ve never been to LEGOLAND, but I absolutely loved LEGO growing up, as did my son, so I looked it up. It turns out that there are many LEGOLANDS in the world including California, Dubai, Florida, Japan, Malaysia and New York.

I don’t know about you, but the closest one to me is in Florida, which is far, far away. Instead, I visited the website and I learned that guests can trade LEGOLAND figures with employees at LEGOLAND. My favourite LEGO figure is a cowboy, which is attached to my keys. I wouldn’t trade him for anything, even though his foot is now broken.

When I was little, my favourite thing to build from LEGO was house boats. After my son was born, LEGO became more complicated, with kits and a catalogue of instructions to read through. Still, I’ve kept many of those kits and the catalogues, just in case we want to build again.

Happy LEGO catalogue reading,


Truck with orange flames

Child's drawing of truck with painted flames

Dear Willy,

How nice that your brother gave you this beautiful truck. I especially like the orange flames painted on the sides and the detailed hubcaps. Very racy! One of my characters, Martin Bridge, is a big fan of flames and he once suggested that his friend Alex paint them on a model rocket that he made.  Alex did a great job and it looked beautiful. Unfortunately, the launch of that rocket did not go as planned.

If you do bury your time capsule next to your house, be sure to mark where it is. It is so easy to forget secret burial spots, and I wouldn’t want to you misplace your truck!

Happy reading,




Child's drawing of lacrosseDear Hannah,

I don’t know much about lacrosse but I looked it up and read that: it is the fastest game played on two feet; it was invented by North American aboriginals (1600s); and women started playing as far back as 1890. I also read that one of the most important rules in lacrosse is the hand-ball rule. If players other than the goalie touches the ball with their glove, the other team receives possession of the ball.

You are right. I don’t see a lot of protective equipment in the photos I saw. I’m sure that this adds to the excitement of watching from the sidelines (where you would find me).

It is so nice to hear that you’ve taken a keen interest and I hope you keep at it. With practice, you’ll score many goals to come!



Pocket knife with blue handle

Dear CJ,

That’s a cool little pocket knife. A while back, we gave my son his granddad’s pocket knife. It had a leather handle but the blade was rusty, just like yours. Our son polished it up and it looks as good as new.

Do you whittle things with your pocket knife or do you keep it on hand in case you get tangled up in rope or something? We keep a sharp knife on hand when we are on our boat, just for safety, in case we have to quickly cut a line.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

Keep safe and happy reading,