Selected for the Junior Library Guild Premier Selection Award

Selected for Best Books of Exceptional Calibre, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

Eight-year-old Martin Bridge returns for more slice-of-life adventures in the fifth book in this widely acclaimed chapter-book series.

In the first story, Martin fumes every time classmate Harper tells one of his tall tales. Then when the fibber’s astronaut costume for the parade is every bit as spectacular as he bragged it would be – and flashier than Martin’s – our hero feels as fizzled out as a misfired rocket booster. Martin sure doesn’t like Harper much. Will Martin step in and help when Harper gets in trouble, or let him get what he deserves?

In the second story, when Martin demonstrates a “moonwalk” worthy of his favorite cartoon superhero, Zip Rideout, a nasty fall lands him in the hospital for stitches. He begins to wonder why Zip never gets so much as a scratch in all his perilous adventures. Has Martin’s high-flying opinion of Zip Rideout landed back on earth with a painful thud? Join Martin Bridge as he hurtles in and out of orbit with two new stories and an out-of-this-world activity to inspire young artists.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Globe and Mail: “The fifth in the Martin Bridge series of chapter books for young readers, Out of Orbit presents a new set of adventures featuring an intrepid eight-year-old. Author Kerrin presses all the right buttons, giving this age/reading level a most likeable character, a boy whose foibles, bravado – mostly false – and basic good-heartedness are perhaps not too unlike the reader’s own.”

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