In High Gear Diptych


Martin Bridge returns for more slice-of-life adventures in the sixth book in this widely acclaimed chapter-book series. In the first story, Gibson – who is a lot luckier than he deserves to be – is in Martin’s group for the science fair project. Everything comes easily to Gibson, while Martin and the rest of the group are working overtime. How far can Gibson’s lucky streak go?

In the second story, Martin’s new bike is stolen – and he’d only taken one ride! His Great Aunt Laverne, who’s visiting, doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for Martin. She thinks kids these days are spoiled senseless. But Aunt Laverne makes a suggestion that helps a downcast Martin realize the importance of volunteering his time to help kids who aren’t as lucky as he is.

Join the freewheeling Martin Bridge as he gears up and down but always rides to a satisfying ending.

Field notes

Cover used by permission of Kids Can Press. Text © 2008 Jessica Scott Kerrin, illustrations © 2008 Joseph Kelly