Under the Writers in the School Program of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, I’ll be presenting to the Shubenacadie District Elementary School in March, 2020.


From April 20 – 23, 2020, I’ll be delivering writing workshops to grades 4 – 7 at the Canada Science and Technology Museum (Ottawa) as part of MASC programming.


From May 4 – 8, 2020, I’ll be presenting to elementary schools across Toronto.

This past year

I visited the Grades 5s and 6s at Sacred Heart School of Halifax to talk about the Space Race and my novel Clear Skies. Someone in the audience drew me during my presentation!

I visited Grades 4-6 at Portland Estates Elementary (Dartmouth Nova Scotia) to share insights about my new novel, Clear Skies. Between presentations, I came across these gorgeous poppies, part of that school’s Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Gave a reading at WordPlay, a Read by the Sea literary festival in River John, Nova Scotia. This year marks the festival’s 20th anniversary. Shout out to Sheree Fitch and Monica Graham for organizing my visit.

School visit with the K-3s at Balmy Beach Community School (Toronto), featuring The Better Tree Fort. Special shout-out to Lauren McCraig and Susan Arbour for organizing my visit.

Library visits with the K-3s in Wellington County, Elora and Hillsburgh, Ontario, featuring The Better Tree Fort. Special shout-out to Justine Dainard for organizing my visit.

A school visit with the K-3s at John Wanless Public School (Toronto), featuring The Better Tree Fort. Special shout-out to Sarah Hunter for organizing my visit.

Book tour for the K-3s and participation in the Forest of Reading literary event (Toronto), featuring my new picture book, The Better Tree Fort.

I led a writing workshop for the Ontario Library Associations’ Forest of Reading celebrations (Toronto). Nice to see a full house! Special shout- out to Meredith Tutching and Stephanie Lamb for making the day go so smoothly.

Recess at Westmount Elementary! I spent the day chatting with Grades 3-6 about where I get my story ideas. Favorite question: what do I read more – fiction or nonfiction?

I spent a lively day with the Kindergarten to Grade 3 students at Duc D’Anville Elementary, during which they insisted that, even when reading sad stories out loud, “teachers never cry.”

What an honor it was for my books to be included in an exhibition with other talented arts administrators, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Anna Leonowens Gallery of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Some of my most creative years were spent there.

With the support of Groundwood Books, I was invited to chat about the inspiration for The Better Tree Fort to booksellers from the Atlantic Booksellers’ Association annual meeting.

With the support of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, I was invited to speak to Grades 4-6 at the Bridgetown Regional Community School as a visiting author. I had to tackle great questions, such as what is the shortest amount of time needed to write a book.

I led a workshop for children’s authors called Cultivating Your Voice at the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia. It resulted in some terrific personal accounts of dramatic moments retold.

With the support of Woozles Children’s Book Store (Halifax), the Halifax Central Library, and Groundwood Books, I launched The Better Tree Fort on Father’s Day.

With the support of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, I toured Montreal and surrounding towns where I delivered 11 presentations to 600 students from grades 3 to 6 in less than five days. A big shout out to Carol-Ann Hoyte and Shannon Howe Barnes who organized this fabulous tour!

I was invited to lead a writing workshop at this year’s Nova Scotia Teachers of English conference. English teachers make wonderful workshop participants, even sharing their own work during read-out-louds!

At the MASC Young Writers and Illustrators conference, I led writing workshops for 150 students from grades four to eight who had a passion for writing. The conference took place in Ottawa at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.